Outdoor cooking never looked so good

Luxury BBQ Grill

The King of Fire is a big, bold and beautiful outdoor cooking experience. It is a focal-point for social grilling, creating magic moments with friends and family. An all-weather centre-piece for the most fantastic of gardens, designed to be the ultimate BBQ for the most discerning of customers.

The best BBQ in the world? We think so!

King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
King of Fire Balthazar - Premium BBQ Grill
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Chefs and Grillers alike, love cooking with the King

With variable cooking temperatures the King of Fire BBQ puts you in control like no other grill can. Whether you char or just warm through, you can serve up delicious food to your friends and family.

Outdoor cooking, now without the smoke

The most frustrating part of Barbecuing is the inevitable smoke. It stops conversations, stings the eyes and the smell sticks to you.

No more.

With advanced afterburners built into the grill, the King of Fire reduces smoke, leaving you and your friends to enjoy yourselves.

Not just designed, but engineered to perfection

Just one look and you can see that the King of Fire was born out of a passion for perfection. Blending form and function and using the best materials, each King of Fire is manufactured here in the UK, is hand-made to order and built to last.


We offer a 5 year guarantee against design or manufacturing defects


We have designed in an afterburner. In fact the majority of the smoke is burned off


Could sit in the garden all year round and look as good as the day that it was delivered



All waste from the BBQ is simply scraped into the combustion chamber and it burns off


Highest specification and quality bar none. Premium grade stainless steel and brass


Built for all year round outdoor cooking

What our customers say

We've always loved having people over for a family BBQ, now we have a focal point in the garden where we can all gather around. Our King of Fire is perfect for socialising.

S. Hill - Newcastle

I am now the undisputed King of Fire in our friendship group. It is a piece of art as well as an amazing grill.

D. Kasey - Essex

PERFECT!!!! Finally a Smokeless BBQ that is big enough for my servings.

P. Smith - Devon